About Abrapalma

The Brazilian Association of Palm Oil Producers – Abrapalma was created in 2012 to unite the productive sector and lead the project of making it possible for Brazil to be a model in the sustainable production of palm oil.

The association works so there will be more public policies that allow the field to intervene in a way that is increasingly more coherent in the market, with legal security, access to technology and adequacy to the norms that rule the national agricultural production.

The companies linked to Abrapalma also share principles and ideals related to the appreciation of decent work, respect for the legislation, the adoption of agricultural techniques and sustainable environments, and the investment in research and genetic improvement of the palm oil.

They are agribusinesses of different sizes, located in 23 cities in the state of Pará. Together, they take care of the biggest part of the production, industrialization and commerce of palm oil in Brazil.

The Abrapalma associates generate about 20 thousand direct jobs and interact with approximately a thousand families of small and medium producers who try to ally an economical alternative that generates capital to the traditional subsistence cultures.

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Vision, mission and values

Abrapalma has the mission to represent, organize and gather the Brazilian companies that produce palm oil, aiming to develop technical and scientific knowledge, improve public policies and promote the development of the field in practice, but with the proper social and environmental care.

According to these principles, the association represents the segment of the palm in national and international forums, bringing the message of a field that seeks to address the relation between production and sustainability, which implies working and prospering in the perspective of valorization of the environment and the traditional communities and populations that relate to the activity.

Abrapalma’s field of action also includes the cooperation with public organs in the planning and execution of policies aimed at the development of the productive field of the palm. The association wants to improve the regulatory mark through reforms and adjusts to the federal, state and municipal legislations, with the purpose of benefitting the field, the family production and the expansion of the entire productive chain.

In order to do so, Abrapalma seeks resources and knowledge through its associates, as well as public and private institutions and any other entities of the civil society that are capable of encouraging research, the qualified debate and the incentive to projects and purposes that can perfect the production and commerce of the palm oil from a technical and scientific point of view.

In order to perfect the technical and scientific point of view of the production and commerce of the palm oil, Abrapalma seeks resources and knowledge through its associates, as well as public and private institutions, and any other entities of the civil society that can contribute and stimulate research, the qualified debate and the encouragement to purposes and projects.

The cooperation between associates, the transparency in actions and the seeking for equality and impartiality in the representation of the segment are also values that Abrapalma cultivates. This explains the fact that the continuous improvement of acting and the economic valorization of the productive chain are among the main goals of the entity. Moreover, all of this is sustained by the association’s statute, which reflects the thought that predominates in the field.